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30 SECONDS TO MARS @ Grand Palais, Paris, France - July 9 2013

Publié le par Olivier




01. Birth
02. Night of the Hunter
03. Search and Destroy 
04. This Is War
05. Conquistador
06. Do or Die (Acapella Intro; Acapella … moreOutro; Shot for music video)
- interlude - Depuis Le Début (with acrobats)
07. City of Angels
08. End of All Days
- interlude - Pyres of Varanasi (with acrobats)
09. Hurricane (acoustic - Acapella Intro)
10. From Yesterday (acoustic)
11. The Kill (Bury Me) (Special Version)
12. Kings and Queens (Ext. Outro)
13. Closer to the Edge (Chant Intro; Ext. Outro)
14. Up in the Air (Guitar Intro; Ext. Bridge)
15. Do or Die


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